Purdue Provides A Guide For Local Producers To Navigate The COVID-19 Outbreak


Source: Purdue University news release

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West Lafayette, N – COVID-19’s arrival in Indiana has created unprecedented disruption to local production cycles that bring food, fiber, flowers and more to our restaurants, farmers markets and communities.

Now is the time to determine the best methods to find and connect with your customers during a time of confusion and challenge. You can play an important role in improving this connectivity along the supply chain and ensuring continued access to fresh produce and products in our local economies, and it is imperative to establish and implement plans before any additional drastic measure occurs that could affect your bottom line.

As the indefinite cancellation of the Indy Winter Farmers Market illustrates, the potential postponement or cancellation of farmers markets across Indiana could have a major impact on your business. Although the regular farmers market season is still six to seven weeks away, there exists significant potential that these markets will be postponed or potentially canceled.

Additionally, many of your businesses may derive income from sales to Indiana restaurants – which recently shifted to takeout or delivery orders only under a government mandate.