Purdue Releases Webinar “Late Corn & Soybean Planting Decisions”


Source: Purdue University news release

In light of the ongoing corn and soybean planting delays throughout the Corn Belt this spring, we recorded a new video yesterday afternoon that analyzes the alternatives corn and soybean farmers have now that the Federal Crop Insurance Final Planting Date (June 5) for corn has passed in Indiana.

The video features Purdue ag economists Michael Langemeier and me reviewing the alternatives farmers have in this late planting season. In particular, we analyze the potential returns from taking the Prevented Planting option for corn and compare it to potential returns from delayed planting of both corn and soybeans, under a couple of different scenarios.

In addition to providing a link to the video, we’ve also provided a copy of the slides we used so that, upon watching the video, you can adapt our analysis to fit your individual situation with respect to expected yields and your insurance coverage. Links to the video and the slides are both available on the Center for Commercial Agriculture’s website on the Archived Webinars page.

I also wanted to let you know that Purdue Extension has made available three excellent short videos discussing corn, soybean and weed management strategies to use in light of the challenging conditions facing most corn and soybean farms this spring. The videos are hosted by Purdue Extension’s Greg Bossaer and feature corn production specialist, Bob Nielsen, soybean production specialist, Shaun Casteel and weed scientist, Bill Johnson.

Links to these videos are also available on the Center’s Archived Webinars page.


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