Rain And Hail Integrates Grain Cart Reporting Functionality Into Its Platform


Rain and Hail, a division of Chubb’s agriculture business and leading provider of crop insurance in the United States, announced it has completed the integration of UHarvest Pro data system into its existing platform to help streamline production reporting for agents and growers.

Under the Multiple Peril Crop Insurance program, growers are required to report production on an annual basis to establish history and determine potential loss. Grain cart scales have become an invaluable tool for growers to measure and track real time production in the field.

“The addition of UHarvest Pro system to our platform provides growers and agents a quick and seamless way to efficiently report critical crop information in a timely manner,” said Scott Arnold, President of Rain and Hail. “This is yet another example of Chubb’s dedication to finding ways to make it easier for agents and growers to manage their business, and ensuring they have the right systems in place to free up their time so they can focus more on managing their crops.”

Unverferth Manufacturing, in partnership with Raven Industries, released the UHarvest Pro ISOBUS Scale System for grain carts at the 2019 Farm Progress Show. The UHarvest Pro Scale System allows growers to more easily track yield by field and destination, saving extensive time and improving accuracy of reporting. It also improves in-field wireless data transfer, simplifying the required reporting process for growers nationwide.

For more information on Rain and Hail and the UHarvest Pro system, visit RainHail.com.