RCIS Expands Its Precision Ag Information Services With Climate FieldView Connection


Zurich North America today announced that its crop insurance business – Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS) – has added Climate FieldView to its list of precision agriculture providers available to RCIS customers. FieldView enables farmers to collect, store and analyze planting and harvest data on one easy-to-use platform, backed by dedicated customer support, data-driven recommendations, and cutting-edge science. FieldView allows farmers to electronically connect field data to RCIS systems for a more seamless, accurate and secure crop insurance reporting experience.

“We continue to focus on our customers, simplify our processes and innovate to create new products and services,” said Jason Meador, Head of RCIS for Zurich North America. “We’re excited to add FieldView to the suite of precision ag providers we offer our policyholders, and we will continue to invest in new technologies to bring added time-saving steps and insights to farmers to complement their existing digital agriculture services.”

The addition of FieldView makes the process of recording and reporting a policyholder’s planting and production information much simpler. By leveraging technology already in use on farms, RCIS customers will have an important, new connectivity option and ease of use.

For RCIS crop insurance agents and policyholders, the process of reporting acreage and harvested production is one of the biggest time investments in crop insurance. Information must be provided to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency, which is a requirement of the federal crop insurance program. Having planting and production acres easily accessible through FieldView also can save farmers valuable time leveraging harvest production data during the claims process.

“The addition of FieldView’s precision ag connection offers significant value to our policyholders for managing their farm production information and reducing their complexities,” said Nick Luett, RCIS Mapping Product Manager.