Regenerative Agriculture Podcast Episode #74: Dale Strickler


Dale Strickler is an agronomist at Green Cover Seed and prominent author primarily focused on soil health. Dale grew up on a family farm outside Colony, KS, and received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agronomy from Kansas State University. Dale has been an advocate for the use of cover crops for over three decades and continues to experiment, achieving increasingly exciting results.

Dale has published two books, The Drought-Resilient Farm and Managing Pasture. His third book, The Complete Guide to Restoring Your Soil, will be released later this year.

In this episode, Dale and AEA Founder John Kempf discuss:

  • Dale’s agricultural background and what inspired his fascination with cover crops.
  • His experiences with heavy clay soil and implementing a subsurface, drip-irrigated pasture.
  • How regenerative practices can affect water-holding capacity of soils and restore small water cycles.
  • Dale’s most memorable moments in his consulting work with growers across the country.
  • Hand cropping, intercropping, and other practices forgotten by mainstream, mechanized agriculture.
  • The reason farmers need to be “thinking like a scientist” and the power of self-education.