Regenerative Agriculture Podcast: Episode #81: Fred Provenza


Fred Provenza, Professor Emeritus of Behavioral Ecology at Utah State University, is the co-founder of BEHAVE (Behavioral Education for Human, Animal, Vegetation and Ecosystem Management), an international research and outreach program that seeks to understand the principles of animal behavior. For the past 30 years, this group has produced ground-breaking research that laid the foundations for what is now known as behavior-based management of landscapes.

Through his research, books, and speaking engagements, Fred has paved the way for the behavior-based management of landscapes. His work has influenced researchers across disciplines.

In this episode, Fred and John Kempf discuss:

  • The consciousness of plants and animals, and our relationships to them
  • The relationships between domestic animals, crops, and healthy landscapes
  • Fred’s understanding of the gut microbiome of livestock and how it changes with diverse diets
  • The pathway for regenerating millions of arid acres in the US West
  • Appreciating the culture and heritage of animals
  • The functional significance of both human and animal family structures