Report Shows It Costs 3X More In Regulatory Process Than To Discover New GM Trait


AgbioInvestor in collaboration with CropLife International has completed its black box study into the time and cost required to develop a novel GM trait.

The study was commissioned to provide an up-to-date view on the cost and duration of the discovery, development and authorisation of a new plant biotechnology-derived trait that has received cultivation approval in at least two countries and import approvals from at least five countries in the 2017-2022 timeframe.

The data collected was intended to demonstrate the current situation according to three main categories:

• Cost of each part of the discovery, development and authorisation process.

• Time involved to complete each part of the process needed to commercialise a biotechnology-derived genetic trait.

• Total consecutive time required to bring a biotechnology-derived genetic trait from discovery to commercialisation (including authorisations).

Survey responses were provided by four of the industry’s largest GM trait developers – BASF Agricultural Solutions, Bayer Crop Science, Corteva Agriscience and Syngenta.

Key findings of the study:

• The average cost of developing a new GM trait has fallen to $115 million.

• The time required to develop a new GM trait has risen to an average of 16.5 years.

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