RFD-TV Launches New Weekly “Virtual Farm Show”


Today, RFD-TV is excited to announce a new weekly show, ‘RFD-TV’s Virtual Farm Show’. This new show is scheduled to launch, August 1, 2020 and complement existing Farm Show activities while broadening the audience and the timeframes for product launches and marketing.

“Throughout the show we’ll be highlighting products for all segments of Agriculture… as a nationwide platform for Agriculture, we’ll showcase products for row crops, beef cattle, specialty crops, dairy and more, said Rick Patton, Executive VP of Agriculture Sales & Marketing with Rural Media Group.

“As you consider your plans for exhibiting at a “Farm Show” or “Trade show” this summer/fall, as well as into 2021….you’ll want to include ‘RFD-TV’s Virtual Farm Show’ program in your marketing efforts. But I believe the greatest benefit of this new show is the ability for marketers to showcase their products in a timeframe that’s best aligned to impact sales”.

“Manufacturers and marketers will provide the video assets that air within the show. Length of each video is determined by the marketer. The videos featured in each week’s show will range from polished marketing pieces to a simple iPhone ‘walk-around’ of a piece of equipment or a new product.”

Similar to a Farm show, producers will learn key features and enhancements, gathering information to assist their decisions on their farm. Each week’s show, and the individual videos from each manufacturer will be archived on RFDTV.com for additional exposure digitally.

As this is a weekly program – marketers should establish a calendar/schedule that allows for multiple products spread throughout the year, timed to match key trade shows or perhaps most importantly – critical sales and purchase timeframes. Space will be limited each week, along with a category exclusivity option.

To receive additional information or to book your products in an upcoming show, contact Rick Patton. rick@rfdtv.com (314) 724-3936