Rob-See-Co Launches Innotech Brand Enlist E3 Soybeans


Rob-See-Co, an independent seed company located in Elkhorn, Neb. is launching the Innotech brand for Enlist E3 soybeans. The addition of Innotech Enlist E3 soybeans enables Rob-See-Co to offer products in a broader relative maturity, differentiated products, and simplifies the sales and delivery process between growers and dealers.

“We are really excited to offer the Innotech Enlist E3 soybean brand for the 2021 growing season. This change consolidates the brands we offer and will expand our soybean product portfolio to eventually cover group 0.00s through group 6. This change will also enable us to offer differentiated genetics from the majority of the Enlist E3 providers thus reducing risk for the grower. Enlist E3 soybeans offer growers a safe, simple, and superior option for weed control and profitability.” said Jim Robinson, Corn & Soybean Product Manager at Rob-See-Co.

“The driving factor behind our decision to use Innotech as our Enlist E3 brand is that it creates simplicity,” said Chuck Lee, Rob-See-Co’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Simplicity is part of our core philosophy at Rob-See-Co. By aligning our corn and soybean brands, we are keeping the process simple and familiar for our growers.”

The new direction enables Rob-See-Co to offer additional product in broader relative maturity ranges to its growers, particularly in the northern and southern regions of the company’s footprint. It also provides continued brand and product differentiation from other Enlist E3 providers.

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