Seeds Canada Organization Launched


Seeds Canada has officially sprouted! The idea of Seeds Canada was planted more than five years ago. Since then, our members have been working tirelessly to bring together our four organizations together to create one new, national seed association. Seeds Canada will be the leading voice of the Canadian seed sector, helping our members succeed and grow in Canada and around the world.

Seed is the vital first link in the agriculture value chain, contributing over $6 billion to the economy, employing more than 63,000 Canadians, and exporting more than $640 million annually. Bringing four seed associations together into one organization will result in stronger advocacy for the seed sector and enhanced services for members and clients.

The Seeds Canada logo represents the four amalgamating organizations joining as one. “The logo serves as a reminder of the efforts it took to get to this point, a celebration of our accomplishments, and a new vision for the future. We are stronger together,” said Ellen Sparry, President, Seeds Canada.

The new website, launched today, can be found at Here, you can learn more about Seeds Canada’s mission, people, and services. The four amalgamating organizations’ websites can still be accessed during this transition period. Seeds Canada will continue to offer all original client and member services.

The operations team, formerly under the Canadian Seed Institute, continues to manage programs and offer client services. Continuing education and the seed analyst SEAL programs are still operational. Other efforts on behalf of members such as trade facilitation, advocacy, intellectual property protection, and more will proceed. All staff remain in place to support our members and clients.

Seeds Canada will be diverse, inclusive, and democratic. All members will have an equal voice at the table, regardless of size, and will work together on behalf of Canada’s seed sector. We’re proud to introduce our Board of Directors and announce the Seeds Canada Executive Committee:

• Ellen Sparry, President
• Eric McLean, Vice President
• Annie Bergeron, Holly Gelech, Quentin Martin – Members at Large

Seeds Canada’s membership is expected to continue to grow and anyone involved in the seed sector is welcome to apply for membership. Our goal is to build on our already diverse membership, representing all aspects of the seed system. “We strongly encourage everyone in the seed system, from growers to seed labs, to join Seeds Canada – the more diverse voices we can have in our membership, the better,” said Eric McLean, Vice President, Seeds Canada.

Like a newly planted seed, we are full of potential. As Seeds Canada, we will come together to accomplish things that we never could have done separately. Let’s see what we can grow.