Smartwyre Launches New Demand Planning Tool To Improve Ag Input Supply Chain Management


As the global agriculture supply chain continues to experience disruption from market uncertainty, the ability to make quick buy-plan adjustments to reduce stock-outs and overstocking is more important than ever. Smartwyre, the secure digital platform that connects more than 50 percent of the U.S. crop protection distribution supply chain, today announced the release of its demand planning solution, Smartwyre Planning.

Smartwyre Planning gives trading partners the ability to build forecasts collaboratively and make informed business decisions in real-time as market conditions change. Businesses that effectively collaborate with channel partners to forecast and optimize inventories can expect to improve operating income by approximately one-to-two percent.

“The agriculture input supply chain is experiencing several large-scale disruptions. As a result, our customers are experiencing (and making) more price changes in the past 12 months than they have over the previous 10 years,” said Smartwyre Founder and CEO John Brubaker. “These disruptions make high-velocity information flow and integrated demand planning critical for success in today’s market. Smartwyre Planning enables supply chain and demand planning teams to price faster and effectively match their limited supply with the highest-value demand.”

The platform catalogs data on more than 60,000 products, as well as 900,000 trackable rebate and pricing combinations. In 2022, Smartwyre customers will manage $7 billion in crop protection and seed product inventory and $2 billion in incentives using the Smartwyre platform.

“We believe communication and data access are the keys to helping ag trade partners make more informed decisions that ultimately improve their commercial performance,” said Adrian Kelly, chief product officer, Smartwyre. “Smartwyre Planning provides unmatched visibility to partner demand needs, which equips trade partners to collaborate effectively, make more informed decisions, and optimize buying opportunities.”

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