Soil Health Webinar Series Created For Certified Crop Advisers


The Soil Health Institute (SHI), in partnership with the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) and the Walton Family Foundation, announced today the Assessing Soil Health webinar series. The series seeks to expand Certified Crop Advisers’ (CCA), Certified Professional Agronomists’ (CPAg) and Certified Professional Soil Scientists’ (CPSS) knowledge of soil health. All webinars in the series are free to all CCAs, CPAgs, CPSSs and Tri-Society members, and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available.

The series begins July 21, 2020, with a webinar on Measures of Soil Water Cycling presented by Dr. Cristine Morgan, Chief Scientific Officer at SHI. Additional webinar topics include measuring carbon cycling, nitrogen cycling and the soil microbiome, as well as standard measurements for soil health and soil heath economics. The majority of webinars will be presented by SHI Project Scientists from the North American Project to Evaluate Soil Health Measurements (NAPESHM), a continental-scale analysis to recommend the most effective measurements to evaluate soil health.

“Certified Crop Advisers play an integral role in advancing the adoption of soil health management systems,” says Dr. Morgan. “These systems enable outcomes such as improved water quality, increased soil carbon storage, drought resilience, and nutrient cycling. This series aims to elevate knowledge and awareness of soil health management and measurement and to provide useful tools for understanding and enabling the adoption of soil health and regenerative agriculture practices.”

The Assessing Soil Health webinar series offers CEUs to CCA, CPAg, CPSS and other professionals certified through SSSA, the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) and the Crop Science Society of America. Topics selected reflect feedback from a survey conducted by SHI and ASA to better understand the needs of farmer advisers and CCAs regarding current and desired soil health knowledge.

The series has been produced by SHI and SSSA. It is sponsored through the generosity of the Walton Family Foundation.

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