Solvita Soil Tests Confirmed As Valuable Testing ToolsFor Evaluating Soil Health


Solvita Soil Tests capture key biological, chemical and physical traits indicating healthy functioning in a farm system. The usefulness of Solvita commercial soil health tests as valuable tools to predict soil health indicators such as Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) has been confirmed by long term field research conducted by the University of Guelph and released in Soil and Tillage Research, September 2021.

Highlights of the research (Long-term effects of crop rotation, tillage, and fertilizer nitrogen on soil health indicators and crop productivity in a temperate climate) included:
• Diversifying rotations with perennial and cover crops increased yields
• Higher concentration of SOC, evolved CO2-C and Solvita Amino-N developed from diverse rotations
• SOC positively linked with crop yield; thus, SOC an indicator of agricultural resilience
• Solvita labile amino nitrogen (SLAN) and Solvita CO2-burst positively correlated with SOC & total nitrogen
• Applied nitrogen in diverse rotations had a synergistic effect on soil health indicators

Will Brinton, Founder and Chief Science Officer of Woods End Laboratories, commented “The study accessed two long term plot studies, providing optimal platforms to evaluate soil health test parameters. Such long-term practices provide greater confidence in distinguishing soil quality effects in laboratory analyses than reliance on short term studies. These projects reflect significant commitments of researchers supporting sustainability research objectives. Both Solvita tests (SLAN + CO2) were tested in several combinations of crops, soil management regimes and time frames confirming their usefulness in monitoring changes that are indicative of soil health improvements.”

Dr. Brinton also stated, “The study further confirms that soil health is critical to the future of society in so far as it links farming, nutrition and climate under the theme of sustainable practices.”

Woods End Laboratories has been on a mission to increase awareness of soil biology functions by developing and providing simple, accurate tools for performing soil measurements in the field and laboratory. Solvita soil tests capture key biological, chemical and physical traits indicating healthy functioning in a farm system. There are also Solvita products for compost quality testing. These products are used by soil conservationists, crop producers and compost facilities worldwide.

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About Woods End Laboratories
Woods End is a leading soil health research company founded in 1974, that has focused on creating products, process and consulting for agriculture, compost and other soil health initiatives. It’s flagship brand, Solvita, is a leading soil health diagnostic product being adopted in both North American and international markets. Founded by Dr. Will Brinton, Woods End’s vision is built upon soil health, agricultural sustainability and circular economy principles. Will Brinton has served a decade on the OMRI advisory council which interacts with the USDA on certified organic farming issues.

The company developed and distributes the Solvita brand of products used by agronomists, conservationists, researchers and others worldwide to monitor soil health, foodstuff spoilage and compost stability. The company recently joined forces with A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. and Deveron Corp. in April of 2021 to create a new soil health and precision ag service platform;

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