Soybean Growers Receiving “Ransom Notes” From BASF In Playful Plant Health


Soybean growers across the country are receiving mail from some of the season’s most unwelcome visitors, offering a humorous reminder that it is vital to stay ahead of disease and environmental stress – before they become a problem.

Ransom notes, signed by Frogeye Leaf Spot, Heat and Drought began arriving in mailboxes this week, reminding growers to use Revytek fungicide, BASF’s premium soybean fungicide which provides unmatched protection, proven by the 94% win rate and 6 bu/A average increase over the untreated check across all RevX Fields on-farm trials last season.

BASF Agricultural Solutions specialists are continually on the move, consulting with growers and scouting field conditions, and are available to provide commentary on this year’s crop and innovation solutions to a variety of pressures.

Fungicide decisions will be different for every grower, based on their unique needs and conditions. provides localized data on Revytek fungicide performance.