Steward-Peterson Launches Grain Market Insider: A Grain Marketing Tool For Farmers


Stewart-Peterson is excited to announce a new grain marketing tool for farmers

Stewart-Peterson Inc. is proud to announce the official launch of Grain Market Insider, a newly created grain marketing newsletter. This new service will provide grain farmers with a trusted, rules-based approach to market commentary and actionable advice.

Grain Market Insider was created to provide farmers of all sizes with roughly five actionable cash grain recommendations per crop year, to allow even the best producers to improve their marketing decisions. Grain Market Insider will provide transparent, concise recommendations, along with an explanation on why those recommendations are suggested. The service includes easy to interpret signals, market summaries, weather, and more; all while removing the confusion from looking through multiple reports.

The information provided is backed by extensive research and will be delivered three times daily, in both emails and text message alerts. The service will also provide a handful of options recommendations each crop year – allowing farmers to know when to act in a significant way.

“We are extremely proud of the newly created Grain Market Insider, along with the hard work and research our team has put into this project,” shared Scott Stewart, President and CEO of Stewart-Peterson. “Grain Market Insider is everything farmers need to know and nothing more. The recommendations are easy to understand and are backed by 20 years of historical data.”


“We took the time to survey farmers to understand what they truly want to know, and also what they didn’t want,” explained Stewart. “We hope this to be a resource farmers will truly use and rely on. Grain Market Insider was developed with the farmer in mind throughout the entire process.”

Stewart-Peterson is no stranger to the agriculture industry, and has been a farmer-first company for over 35 years. “Stewart-Peterson has a history of providing dependable tools farmers can trust, and Grain Market Insider is a true example of that,” said Brad Peterson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “I am proud to introduce this new product to farmers and hope it will be a reliable source of information that can impact their farming operations and livelihoods.”

“We believe that most farmers are great producers and do a good job marketing as well,” explained Peterson. “Our goal with Grain Market Insider is to conquer that final frontier and help even the good marketers become great.”

Grain Market Insider aims to be an affordable solution for all grain farmers, regardless of size, to ultimately improve their grain marketing and farm livelihoods. To learn more about Grain Market Insider and how Stewart-Peterson is contributing to farmer’s success visit:

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