Styling Changes Coming To New Holland Haytools For Model Year 2022


For more than 70 years, New Holland’s red and yellow paint scheme has proudly stood for innovation and quality in haytools. As a nod to our heritage and a bold look to the future, new styling will be applied to Roll-Belt round balers, BigBaler PLUS large square balers, and brand new Speedrower PLUS self-propelled windrowers in 2022. These appearance upgrades follow styling cues that were first introduced on the BigBaler High Density large square baler.

“The change demonstrates both our past and future,” says Mark Lowery, Director of Commercial Marketing, New Holland North America. “New Holland revolutionized haymaking when it brought the first self-tie baler to market more than 70 years ago. In the decades that followed, our iconic red and yellow colors have stood for our innovation and quality. So, we’ve made cosmetic changes to the equipment while still staying true to our legacy and DNA.”

Iconic red and yellow styling has been present throughout New Holland’s history, starting with the D1000 large square baler. This machine was introduced in 1987 with a yellow pickup, rims, frame and chamber. Similarly, Speedrower self-propelled windrowers had a yellow cab, reel, rims, and shields through the 1908s era. And looking back at the 1970s and 1980s chain round balers, they were made with a yellow pickup, rims, and side shields.

For Model Year 2022 production and beyond, dealers and customers will notice more yellow paint to reflect New Holland’s heritage. The lighter color also provides greater visibility from an operational, service, and safety perspective.

When combined with New Holland’s signature Natural Flow equipment styling, these new haytools will stand out in the field even more. Even with these cosmetic changes, New Holland’s leadership in hay and forage hasn’t changed. Our passion for innovation and making the farmer’s job easier, more efficient, and more profitable still holds true.

The new and refined Speedrower PLUS windrowers operate with high productivity with faster speeds and greater precision due to the new SensiDrive drive-by-wire ground drive system and Precision Land Management (PLM) solutions. Roll-Belt round balers produce high-density bales that maximize return on investment and minimize costs. The award-winning Loop Master knotter system, found on BigBaler PLUS and BigBaler HD large square balers, provide even greater costs and environmental savings through eliminating twine offcuts with a unique, patented design.

To promote this styling, a dedicated promotional campaign called A New Dawn has been developed. “Dawn symbolizes a new beginning and incorporates a sunrise-themed color palette similar to the new paint schemes found on these haytools,” says Mike Sevick, Commercial Marketing Manager for Hay and Forage Equipment, New Holland North America. “Our dealers and customers can expect to see New Dawn promotional materials in market beginning in September.”