Syngenta And Atticus Settle Azoxystrobin Lawsuit


Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC (“Syngenta”) and Atticus LLC (“Atticus”) announced today that they have settled all claims and counterclaims in the lawsuit between Syngenta and Atticus.

Details of the settlement agreement are confidential. Both parties agree that valid intellectual property rights are important to the industry and should be respected. Atticus will continue to offer for sale its azoxystrobin products.

Editor’s note:

Azoxystrobin is the ISO common name for an organic compound that is used as a fungicide. It is a broad spectrum systemic active ingredient widely used in agriculture to protect crops from fungal diseases.

Syngenta uses the compound in its Trivapro fungicide. Atticus uses it in its Radius fungicide.

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About Atticus

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