Syngenta Grows Portfolio Of Innovative, High-Yielding NK Soybeans For 2019


Source: Syngenta news release

Syngenta today announced the expansion of the NK soybean portfolio with 13 new varieties for the 2019 season, furthering the company’s commitment to helping growers maximize whole-farm profit potential through innovation.

The varieties join an established portfolio of high-yielding products that are proven to perform across environments. In the most recent trials conducted by Farmers’ Independent Research of Seed Technologies (FIRST), NK varieties secured 58 top-three finishes across the country – more than two major competitors’ results combined.

Developed with the latest seed breeding technology, the new varieties will help growers across the U.S. find the best fit and value for their unique conditions.

“Independent trials confirm that NK soybeans are a strong addition to growers’ seed portfolios,” said Scott Erickson, soybean product manager for NK. “Now with the new 2019 varieties, growers in any environment can find the optimal combination of best-in-class genetics with the newest traits to help maximize return on investment across their farms.”

Born from innovation

All NK soybeans start from one of the industry’s largest and most diverse germplasm pools. Leveraging significant investments by Syngenta in research and development, NK breeders are able to apply an award-winning system of data analytics to pinpoint the high-performing genetics that will provide greater value to growers.

From there, NK breeders tap into a state-of-the-art trait conversion capability that brings the latest, most desirable trait packages to market with the newest genetics. An adaptation of traditional breeding practices, this process significantly shortens the lifecycle of soybeans, with growth stages like emergence occurring an average of three days after planting, VC one week after planting and V1 just 12 days after planting.

An entire season is routinely shortened to less than three months, with the capability to go from seed to seed in as little as seven weeks. As a result, breeders are able to continue advancing genetics while introducing new traits.

“It’s no hyperbole when you hear that NK soybeans add a science-driven boost to growers’ seed portfolios,” said Tracy Doubler, head of North American soybean seeds development at Syngenta. “Our unique techniques produce unique varieties that allow growers to diversify, spread risk and maximize their whole-farm ROI potential.”

Delivering value

NK soybeans provide growers additional value through rigorous seed quality management, as well as a competitive financing offer.

Every step of the NK seed production process is geared toward maintaining the highest quality and purity to ensure that the full yield potential of the seed is maintained. From the seed breeder to the final seed delivery, testing plays a crucial role. In addition to operating three internal quality assurance labs and utilizing two third-party sites, Syngenta regularly tests all NK seed lots on a range of factors.

“Soybean seed is fragile, so we make it a priority to take extra care throughout the harvest and conditioning processes,” Erickson said. “This way we can ensure that the NK soybeans sold by retailers and planted by growers are of the highest quality and ready to produce to their fullest potential and value.”

Additionally, growers may benefit from a 0% financing offer available for NK seed for the 2019 growing season. For details on this offer, or for more information on the new NK soybean portfolio, contact a local NK retailer and visit


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