Syngenta Introduces Force 6.5G Corn Insecticide For The 2019 Growing Season


Source: Syngenta news release

Syngenta announced that Force 6.5G, a high-load granular corn insecticide for control of corn rootworm, is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and will be available for the 2019 growing season.

“We’re launching Force 6.5G to meet the changing needs of growers,” said Meade McDonald, product lead for insecticides at Syngenta. “This higher-load formulation goes farther and results in fewer stops to refill insecticide boxes, which allows faster, more efficient planting with less hassle.”

Part of that convenience is enhanced application flexibility. Force 6.5G can be applied through a wide variety of existing “open” system granular application equipment. Other improvements include a 50 percent lower dust-off rate, compared to Force 3G, and a convenient 20-acre bag.

“Force brands have led the market for more than 25 years because of their proven performance,” said McDonald. “Force 6.5G will deliver the same superior root protection and maximize yield potential, when used on either conventional corn or CRW traits (single or double stack).”

Force 6.5.G resulted in significantly reduced dust-off compared to Force 3G and Aztec® 4.67G

Force 6.5G is the latest addition to the evolving portfolio of crop protection products from Syngenta.

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