Syngenta: Newly Registered Seed Treatment Delivers Strong Early-Season Control Of Key Cereal Diseases


Syngenta recently received EPA approval for a robust new seed treatment fungicide with broad-spectrum disease control to help growers maximize their crop’s full yield potential: Trebuset Cereals seed treatment.

“With Adepidyn technology, Trebuset gives cereal growers a powerful new tool to fight soil-borne Fusarium, tan spot and powdery mildew,” says Josh Kelley, product lead with Syngenta Seedcare. “Additionally, Trebuset stays in the root zone as the plant grows to provide longer protection, leading to vigorous seedlings and increased yield potential.”

Kelley notes that a unique N-methoxy ethyl linker made it possible to combine these best-in-class features into a single molecule for the first time. What that means for farmers is a new mode of action against Fusarium and greater movement into the seed coat for best-in-class disease protection and long-lasting control – even under heavy pressure.

Trebuset Cereals also brings a higher level of early-season control of tan spot and powdery mildew, while also managing seed rot and seedling blight. With vigorous soil movement, Trebuset Cereals protects developing roots, which promotes strong stands and ultimately enhances yield potential. As it moves through the soil to protect developing roots, Trebuset Cereals promotes strong early-season stand establishment and enhanced yield potential.

At planting, farmers could see lower dust-off and improved flow for greater planting efficiency.

Ultimately, Kelley says, “Trebuset delivers the risk management growers need to power through the early season on the way to a profitable harvest.”