Syngenta’s Axial Bold Herbicide Receives Registration


Source: Syngenta news release

Axial Bold 15 fl oz/A

Syngenta announced that Axial Bold, a grass herbicide for use in wheat and barley, received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency and will be available for the 2019 growing season.

Everest 3.02 fl oz/A + NIS

Trials show that with its two active ingredients, pinoxaden and fenoxaprop, Axial Bold delivers improved consistency and broad-spectrum control of top grass weeds including wild oat, yellow foxtail, Italian ryegrass, green foxtail and barnyardgrass.

GoldSky 16 fl oz/A + N

“Axial Bold was built on the foundation of Axial brands, the industry standard for grass control in cereals,” said Brent Lackey, herbicide product lead, Syngenta. “When used in combination with Talinor herbicide, Axial Bold will give growers the complete package for broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control in their cereals crop.”

Varro 685 dl o/ + NIS

In field testing, when compared to other grass herbicides, Axial Bold outperformed Everest, Varro and GoldSky and also controlled more grasses than other herbicides.



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