Syngenta’s Farm Management System AgriEdge Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary


Two decades ago Syngenta launched AgriEdge with 12 farmers and a combined 6,000 acres of cotton.

“The program started as Cotton Advantage, and then Project Yield, to now become AgriEdge,” says Jacky Davis marketing lead for AgriEdge. “It started with cotton because those growers definitely had a lot of demand from the stewardship perspective with record keeping, and Syngenta had the right pieces in place in the south with the right personnel to launch the program.”

Today, the program marks its 20th year and has a network of more than 8,000 farmers and 25 million acres across all crops, including potatoes, corn, soy, wheat, cotton, sugar beets and specialty crops—citrus, watermelon, almond, and vegetables.

Davis explains the program is beyond a whole farm management program and is really a tool to enable more data-driven decisions.

She says the company has dedicated the boots on the ground to help growers with chemical and seed decisions as well as digitize their efforts and transition their businesses from paper to a single data entry point.

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