The Andersons Launches New Specialty Zinc Products Tri Z And Tri Z Pro


The Andersons, Inc. announces the availability of two new specialty ag products that provide immediate availability and sustained release of zinc to growing crops. Tri Z is a state-of-the-art formulation that combines three sources of zinc into a traditional starter zinc. Tri Z Pro includes the same zinc formulation plus sulfur and ammonium acetate, which helps stimulate the plant to generate a more extensive root system. These two products can be used in ammonium polyphosphate (APP) based fertilizer as well as pre-blended APP/liquid nitrogen combinations and applied at planting.

“Tri Z Pro is a brand new product that not only provides nitrogen, zinc and sulfur to seedlings in their early development, but its synergistic formulation of zinc and ammonium acetate also stimulates root systems to generate a greater volume of healthy roots at a faster pace,” states Sarah Pirolli, vice president of sales and operations for The Andersons Plant Nutrient segment. “Healthy roots are critical for stabilizing the plant as well as intercepting moisture and nutrients to maximize yield potential.”

Zinc is an essential nutrient that is responsible for seed and grain formation, plant maturity and the transportation of calcium throughout the plant. A zinc deficiency can reduce corn yields up to 50 bushels per acre. The goal of Tri Z and Tri Z Pro is to maximize yield potential by preventing zinc deficiency, especially during the critical first 30 days of growth.