The Thriving Farmer Podcast 182. Daniel Firth Griffith on Regenerating the Food System


How many “hats” do you wear as a business owner?

Today on the show we’ve got Daniel Firth Griffith, storyteller, entrepreneur, regenerative agriculturist, lover of wild woods and much more. He is the Founder of Timshel Wildland, a 400-acre regenerative, process-led, and emergent conservation wildland located south of Charlottesville, Virginia and in the heart of Central Virginia. Daniel is also the Director and Lead Educator of the Robina Institute, whose mission is to facilitate the large-scale regeneration of the world’s grasslands and the livelihoods of their inhabitants, through holistic management. He is the author of two critically acclaimed books: Wild Like Flowers: The Restoration of Relationship Through Regeneration and Boone: An Unfinished Portrait. Join us today to hear all about how Daniel achieves all these remarkable feats and still finds the time to spend time with his family and get a good night’s sleep!