Tillable Announces New Digital Operating Loan Application


Tillable, the farm real estate platform that allows landowners and farmers to buy, sell, rent, finance, manage, and research farmland, announced that they have launched a new, all-digital farm operating loan application. Upon approval, Tillable’s digital Ag financing application system will instantly calculate how much the applicant would be approved for.

“Our operating loan application platform is uniquely positioned to instantly inform an applicant of the highest possible amount they could be approved for,” said Kavitha Sampath, Head of Farm Financing, Tillable. “This is a valuable tool that will be able to provide even more access to Ag capital to farmers across the country.”

Tillable’s all-digital application allows the applicant to apply for an operating loan quickly and easily, with immediate approval or denial onscreen. Farm operating loans will offer a 12-to-16-month maturity.

With Tillable’s secure digital platform, operating loan applications can be completed in as little as five minutes. The application requires no paperwork – once the applicant has provided basic information, Tillable’s digital loan system will generate an immediate on-screen approval or denial, along with the rate. Both fixed and variable rates are available.

As with all of Tillable’s online loan application offerings, the process is completely digital. Tillable representatives are available by phone or live chat to assist with the process every step of the way.

“We are excited to be expanding our robust offering of digital farm loan applications,” said Corbett Kull, Founder and CEO, Tillable. “Our new application simplifies the process of obtaining an operating loan, allowing farmers to start building their dreams, faster.”

The operating loan application system accepts up to $1m in loan requests and, should the applicant not be approved for their requested amount, will instantly notify the applicant of the highest amount they qualify for.

Tillable provides the digital tools to make farming as convenient as possible. Working with storied Ag lenders to ensure their customers get the best advice and customer service, Tillable has partnered with servicer Compeer Financial and lender Evergreen Bank.

Tillable does not charge origination fees on operating loans.