Total Seed Production’s: Solar Panel Installation Completed


Total Seed Production, Inc. (TSP) recently completed an installation of solar panels at their facility located at 1375 N. 800 W. in Tipton County. The solar panel system will provide entire electric energy needs for half of the TSP facility, plus it will help reduce operating costs, protect against inflation/changing utility rates, reduce their carbon footprint, and help them become more of a green business as a renewable and sustainable energy source.

Neighbors of TSP’s facility will also benefit because it will help improve the stability of the power grid. “We’re excited about this new addition to our facility and the benefits it will provide our business for many years to come,” stated Ryan Campbell, TSP vice-president.

Ag Technologies, of Rochester, Indiana, designed and installed the system for TSP.
The following are specific details about the solar panel unit:
• System size is 522.24Kw
• Total solar panels = 1632
• Micro Inverter conversion to AC current is at the panel
• High-efficient Q Cell solar panels from Hanwha Q Cell headquartered in Dalton, Georgia
• SolarCam solar stands provide single axis tracking – made in Fulton County, Indiana

Having been in business for over 84 years, TSP is continually implementing ways to improve their production while also being innovative. “These solar panels are just another way we are making good use of the land and taking a “greener” approach to our seed production business,” says Aaron Conaway, TSP president.