United Soybean Board Launches “Take Action” During Pest Action Week


As farmers prepare for a critical stage in their crop’s development when disease and pest pressure can threaten yield and profitability, the soy checkoff and its partners in the cover crop resources, including different species, establishment, carryover and termination.

• Friday, July 2: The last day of PEST Week will serve as a wrap-up informing farmers about where they can access information about all things pesticide-resistance management, including the Take Action app, kit (with classification charts, fact sheets) and newsletter.

Partnering with university researchers, commodity groups and leading agrochemical companies, Take Action is a resource and educational platform farmers can use to strengthen their best management practices relevant to each pest and phase of the growing season.

“As technologies improve and growing environments evolve across the agricultural landscape, it’s important to update our pest control strategies with the latest unbiased, research-proven data and recommendations to delay resistance and preserve technologies that help us produce high-quality soy,” said Tom Oswald, United Soybean Board Supply Action Team Chair and farmer-leader from Cleghorn, Iowa. “Those recommendations and resulting strategies need to be diverse and specific to target profit-robbing pests on our farms.”

Pest identification is the crucial first step leading to effective control and resistance management. The second step is choosing products with multiple MOAs or SOAs to mitigate the risk of the pest evolving to overcome one particular control method. This can be accomplished easily with the herbicide, fungicide and insecticide charts and fact sheets available in the Take Action kit. The charts include lists of active ingredients, product names, economic thresholds and advice when cultural practices may be a good alternative choice.

“Multiple fungicide MOAs should be used as part of any effective disease management plan,” said Daren Mueller, associate professor and Extension plant pathologist at Iowa State University. “The fungicide lookup tool helps identify other fungicides that fall into the same MOAs used previously to avoid product overlap, which can contribute to resistance development.”

PEST Week challenges farmers to remain proactive against pests and diseases, and reminds them to get the Take Action kit by visiting the Take Action program website at IWillTakeAction.com/kit or on the go via the Take Action app for Apple or Android devices and tablets.