USDA Estimates 8% Of Corn, 3% Of Soybeans Planted


The USDA says the amount of U.S. corn planted doubled over the past week.

As of Sunday, 8% of the crop is planted, compared to 4% a week ago and the five-year average of 8%, with 2% emerged, compared to 1% on average.

Soybean planting is just underway at 3%.

53% of U.S. winter wheat is rated good to excellent, steady with a week ago and 4% below a year ago, with 10% of the crop headed, compared to 14% normally in mid-April.

19% of spring wheat is planted, compared to 12% on average.

11% of cotton is planted, compared to the usual pace of 9%.

33% of rice is planted, compared to the typical rate of 41%, while 16% has emerged, compared to 21% on average.

The USDA’s next set of production estimates is out May 12th.