USDA Reports 27% Of Corn, 8% Of Soybeans Planted, Well Ahead Of Average


Some U.S. producers were able to make good corn and soybean planting progress last week, while wet, cool weather kept others out of the fields. The USDA says that as of Sunday, 27% of U.S. corn is planted, compared to 7% a week ago and the five-year average of 20%, with including solid progress in central and western Corn Belt. 3% of corn has emerged, compared to 4% on average.

8% of U.S. soybeans have been planted, compared to 2% last week and the usual pace of 4%.

21% of winter wheat has headed, compared to 25% normally in late April, with 54% of the crop rated good to excellent, 3% below the previous week.

14% of spring wheat is planted, compared to 29% on average, with 4% emerged, even with a year ago, but a little slower than the five-year average of 7%.

13% of cotton is planted, compared to 11% typically this time of year.

39% of rice is planted and 23% has emerged, both behind normal.

20% of sorghum is planted, compared to 23% on average.