USDA Reports 65% Of Corn, 60% Of Soybeans In Good To Excellent Condition


The USDA’s national condition ratings for corn and soybeans both improved slightly last week following rain in some of the drier parts of the Midwest and Plains. That is expected to be temporary, with hot, dry conditions in the forecast for many of the northern and western parts of the region, potentially lasting into early August.

65% of U.S. corn is rated good to excellent, steady on the week, but with 1% moving from good to excellent, with 56% of the crop silking, compared to the five-year average of 5%, and 8% at the dough making stage, compared to 7% on average.

60% of soybeans are in good to excellent shape, up 1%, with 63% of the crop blooming, compared to 57% on average, and 23% at the pod setting stage, compared to the usual rate of 21%.

73% of winter wheat has been harvested, compared to 74% on average.

Just 11% of spring wheat is in good to excellent condition, 5% under last week, with 63% called poor to very poor, a jump of 8%, and 92% of the crop headed, in-line with the normal pace.

60% of cotton is rated good to excellent, 4% higher, with 69% of the crop squaring, compared to 73% on average, and 23% setting bolls, compared to the five-year rate of 30%.

72% of rice is called good to excellent, a gain of 1%, with 30% of the crop headed, compared to 36% typically in mid-July.

33% of U.S. pastures and rangelands are in good to excellent condition, down 1% on the week, with 27% called fair, unchanged, and 40% rated poor to very poor, up 1%.

The USDA’s next set of production estimates is out August 12th.