USDA Reports 68% Of The Corn Crop, 62% Of Soybeans In Good/Excellent Shape


Condition ratings for U.S. crops were pushed lower by recent hot, dry weather in the Midwest and Plains.

The USDA says that as of Sunday, 68% of the U.S. corn crop is in good to excellent condition, down 4% on the week and 3% on the year, with 96% of the crop emerged, compared to the five-year average of 91%.

62% of soybeans are called good to excellent, a decrease of 5% from last week and 10% from last year, with 94% of U.S. beans planted, compared to 88% on average, and 86% emerged, compared to the usual rate of 74%.

48% of winter wheat is in good to excellent shape, 2% less than both the previous week and a year ago, with 92% of the crop headed, matching the five-year average, and 4% harvested, compared to 15% on average.

37% of spring wheat is rated good to excellent, one of the lowest ratings on record, 1% under a week ago and a drop of 44% on the year, with 96% of the crop headed, compared to 95% typically in mid-June, and 8% has headed, compared to 6% on average.

45% of cotton is reported as good to excellent, down 1% from the week before, but up 2% from a year ago, with 90% of the crop planted, compared to 89% on average, and 13% squaring, compared to the normal pace of 16%.

72% of the rice crop is in good to excellent condition, 3% lower than last week, but 3% higher than last year, with 96% of the crop emerged, in-line with the five-year average, and 1% headed, compared to 3% on average.

35% of U.S. pastures and rangelands are rated good to excellent, unchanged on the week and down 10% on the year.

The USDA’s 2021 planted area totals are out June 30th.