USDA Reports Crop Conditions Fall, 58% Of Corn, 59% Of Soybeans Rated Good To Excellent


The USDA’s national good to excellent ratings for corn and soybeans moved lower last week. That is due to another week of hot, dry weather in parts of the Midwest and Plains, in addition to excessive rain leading to flooding in parts of the Eastern Corn Belt.

As of Sunday, 58% of the U.S. corn crop is called good to excellent, 3% less than last week, with 90% of the crop silking, compared to the five-year average of 93%, 45% at the dough making stage, compared to 49% on average, and 6% of the crop dented, compared to 9% on average.

59% of soybeans are in good to excellent condition, down 1%, with 89% blooming, compared to 88% normally in early August, and 61% at the pod setting stage, compared to 66% on average.

86% of winter wheat has been harvested, compared to 91% on average.

64% of spring wheat is rated good to excellent, a drop of 6%, with 9% of that crop harvested, compared to the five-year average of 19%.

31% of cotton is in good to excellent shape, a decrease of 7%, with 95% squaring, compared to the typical rate of 93%, 69% setting bolls, compared to 64% on average, and 9% of those bolls opening, matching the usual pace.

74% of the U.S. rice crop is reported as good to excellent, 1% higher, with 69% headed, compared to the average of 765, and 5% harvested, compared to 7% on average.

24% of U.S. pastures and rangelands are in good to excellent condition, 1% below a week ago.