Valley Irrigation Now Offers Renewable Energy To Growers In The U.S.


Valley Irrigation, a leader in advancing agricultural productivity, allowing growers to produce more with less through engineered irrigation equipment and connected crop management applications, is proud to announce the expansion of their solar solutions into the United States.

“Solar energy is the key to maximizing efficiency and sustainability,” says Darren Siekman, Vice President of Water Delivery and Business Development. “Solar solutions from Valley combine the most durable center pivots available with the most advanced solar solutions to provide power to them, efficiently converting sunlight to clean electric energy. And now this personalized service is expanding to select U.S. markets through the strength of our industry-best Valley Dealer network.”

Solar solutions and services from Valley include everything growers need to begin using solar for their agricultural operations: distributed generation of photovoltaic (PV) energy, converting light into electricity; engineered design and approval of detailed technical projects; and consulting on new PV installations focusing on agri-business. Plus, every solar installation from Valley offers remote monitoring capabilities through Valley 365.

Benefits for growers:
• Efficiency – Crops require more water when the sun is shining, which is naturally when solar panels are most effective.
• Energy savings – Because the panels convert the sun’s rays to electricity, your operation will save on energy costs.
• Reduced environmental impact – Rely less on fossil fuels for power and pumping.
• Tax credits – Depending on your state or region, you may receive tax credits for using solar energy.
• New possibilities – Where a traditional electric service network does not exist, the pivot can now be powered by the sun.

“Everybody accesses the same sun, but our experience and service set us apart,” says Tyler Fields, Director of Water Delivery for Valley. “The solar solutions experts from the Valley team in South America have completed hundreds of projects over the past five years. We are bringing those proven designs and benefits to growers here in the U.S. No matter what crops or livestock you grow, or the size of your operation, the quality of our design can maximize your ROI with solar energy.”

In other parts of the world, solar energy makes power available in places where the traditional electric grid doesn’t reach. That is less of a problem in North America, Siekman continues, but solar solutions from Valley are also ideal if you simply want to be more sustainable and cost-efficient with your energy use.

“We evaluate your situation to deliver a complete, customized solar power package that meets your operation’s specific needs. From engineering and
design to the installation and ongoing monitoring of your solar plant, Valley takes care of everything.”

“Everyone from growers to consumers sees the importance of sustainability and reliability to produce greater yields with fewer resources,” says Siekman. “Valley is the leader. That’s why, when we talk about our solar solutions, we are able to say ‘the sun shines and we do the rest.'”