Vive Crop Protection’s Midac FC Insecticide Receives Sugarbeet Root Maggot Label From EPA


Source: Vive Crop Protection news release

Sugarbeet growers have a convenient new tool to battle sugarbeet root maggot with Midac FC. Midac FC was registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2019 and Vive Crop Protection recently issued a label recommendation (2ee) for control of sugarbeet root maggot.

“We have two years of strong data that shows Midac FC controls sugarbeet root maggot comparable to Counter 20G. But for the first time, sugarbeet growers will be able to get that control easily by mixing Midac FC with liquid fertilizer or water and applying in-furrow. It’s very simple and effective, compared to current practices,” says Vive VP of Sales and Marketing Dan Bihlmeyer.

Midac FC contains the active ingredient imidacloprid and is based on the Allosperse Delivery System, like well-known fungicide AZteroid FC 3.3. More information is available at

Vive products contain the Allosperse Delivery System. The technology allows chemicals that were previously incompatible to be mixed with liquid fertilizer and applied at the right time for maximum benefit to the crop. It also saves farmers time and money by reducing a pass over the field.