WestBred Wheat Encourages Growers To Enter 2019 National Wheat Yield Contest


Source: WestBred wheat news release

Nearly 75 percent of the 2018 National Wheat Yield Contest (NWYC) winners achieved the honor with a WestBred variety. Today, WestBred wheat encourages growers to enter the 2019 NWYC, now open for submissions – and will pay the required entry and membership fees for growers who enter their WestBred variety.

National winners receive a trip to the 2020 Commodity Classic in San Antonio, courtesy of the National Wheat Foundation; WestBred wheat will cover the cost of one guest to join all WestBred growers who receive a national award.

Do You Have What It Takes to Win the Season?

2019 is the fourth year of the National Wheat Yield Contest, organized by the National Wheat Foundation (NWF) and sponsored by WestBred wheat. Once again, the contest will recognize high yields in two categories (Spring Wheat and Winter Wheat) and two subcategories (Irrigated and Dryland).

There are multiple ways to win:

1. High-Yield Contest: The top three highest-yielding entries per state will be recognized. From there, national winners are selected from the group of first-place state winners.

2. “Bin Buster” Award: The entry with the highest overall bushels per acre out of all categories will win the National High Yield Bin Buster Award.

3. Yield Percentage Increase: Recognition will be given to the top three growers in each state based on the percentage increase above their most recent USDA published county average. From there, national winners are selected from the group of first- place state winners.

“This contest does more than recognize growers for achieving high yields,” says Dr. Jeff Koscelny, Global Wheat Commercial Strategy Lead and WestBred Business Lead. “The NWYC shines a spotlight on the management practices that make these outstanding performances possible by U.S. wheat growers.”

Last year, the NWYC received 318 entries from 23 wheat-producing states. WestBred growers placed in each of the categories/subcategories and comprised 9 of the 10 spring wheat winners. In addition to paying their entry fees, WestBred also brought the group together and recognized them at a ceremony at the 2019 Commodity Classic event in Orlando, Florida.

“Surprisingly Simple” Contest Submission

Vern and Brock Terrell took fourth place nationally in the Winter Wheat – Irrigated category in 2018. The father/son duo, who farm and also grow certified wheat seed for Prairie Sky Seed in Nebraska, had never entered the contest before, but sensed that their WB4303 was something special; in fact, it yielded 188.43 percent higher than their county average.

“I’d put WB4303 up against any variety we’ve ever grown,” says Vern. “Entering the contest was surprisingly simple – it was really just a matter of providing test weights, calibrations and other data we were already capturing. WestBred wheat was supportive throughout the process.”

Vern enjoyed meeting the other WestBred NWYC winners from around the country and says he’s already filling out the paperwork for 2019. “It was just a great opportunity to get to Commodity Classic and to see what’s going on with the rest of the industry,” he says.

“Wheat growers have many options [available] to them, and we’re thankful that so many not only purchase and plant WestBred varieties but also achieve success with them,” Koscelny says. “I look forward to meeting the next group of innovative, hard-working NWYC winners and celebrating their achievements at next year’s Commodity Classic.”

Growers interested in competing in the contest can register at www.YieldContest.WheatFoundation.org.

All winter wheat entries are due May 15, while spring wheat entries are due August 1. Harvest results will come later this year.

Additional details and official rules can be found at westbred.com/NWYC.


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