White Dog Labs Launches Production of High-Quality Industrial Ethanol


White Dog Labs, Inc. (WDL), an advanced biotech company developing a range of alternative protein and nutritional products, today announced the availability of 190 proof, renewably sourced and domestically produced USP-grade ethanol that is manufactured at its biorefinery, NuMake, in Little Falls, MN. The plant’s advanced distillation system enables reliable production of low-odor, high-quality industrial ethanol that surpasses the USP monograph, and can be tailored to meet specific customer needs for a range of applications.

“The quality of hand sanitizers, cosmetics and personal care products begins with the alcohol,” said Bryan Tracy, Chief Executive Officer of WDL. “Given our roots in biotech, we are rigorous about process and passionate about quality. Too much product currently in the market has terrible smell and some even contains harmful compounds.  We distinguish ourselves by the purity, quality and clean smell of our renewable ethanol, and by our ability to exceed monograph specifications to satisfy many applications of customers.”

WDL’s industrial ethanol will be marketed exclusively by Vitol, one of the largest global energy and commodities companies, known for reliably delivering the required products, on time and to specification. Product samples and a Certificate of Analysis are available from Vitol. “We are excited to bring WDL’s industrial ethanol to the market. Given the quality of their product and ability to customize for particular needs, we are expecting strong interest from our customer base,” said Keith Blevins, Head of Vitol Biofuels Marketing.

WDL acquired the Little Falls biorefinery in August 2020. The plant has an annual capacity of 18 million gallons per year of 190 proof USP grade ethanol products and has the capability to exceed USP specifications. The process technology starts with 190 proof renewable ethanol that is processed with a 5-stage purification system and can achieve remarkably high-grade USP ethanol.

“The production of industrial ethanol is the first step in the overall development of the plant,” said Mr. Tracy. “During 2021, we will be further modifying the plant to focus on the end-to-end production of industrial ethanol by mid-2021 and alternative protein and nutrition products in late 2021. Stay tuned for further announcements on those developments.”