WinField United Connects Climate FieldView To Its Cloud-Based Data-Management System


armers in the U.S and Canada can leverage on-farm data in new ways through the recent addition of Climate FieldView to the WinField United Answer Tech Data Silo, a cloud-based data-management system.

The Answer Tech Data Silo securely stores and allows WinField United to be the aggregator of data for the locally-owned and operated retail system, helping farmers make data-backed decisions throughout the season to drive profitability on their operations. By integrating one of the first and most broadly connected digital farming platforms, all FieldView users doing business with a WinField United-affiliated retailer will have the option to connect their FieldView and Data Silo accounts, eliminating the need for duplicative data entry and giving farmers the option to integrate data into multiple in-season crop management tools.

“This collaboration is an important step in empowering farmers to choose how they want to use their data across multiple tools and platforms with the trusted retailer,” said Jeff Johnson, Land O’Lakes board member and general manager of Centra Sota Cooperative, a WinField United retailer. “Integrating Climate FieldView through our Data Silo enables us to build on existing partnerships to provide farmers and owners in our retail network with another solution for seamless data flow on their operations.”

After connecting to the Data Silo, FieldView users can choose to send some or all of their data to the WinField United R7 suite of tools, Truterra Insights Engine and other connected farm-management tools. It’s always a grower’s choice to share their data, and data only moves if the grower coordinates this connection through their local WinField United retailer.

“Now more than ever, it’s important to provide farmers with digital tools that are easy to use, save them time and money, and help them stay connected with their advisors,” said Max Dougherty, strategic accounts lead for The Climate Corporation. “Integrating FieldView’s agronomic data with WinField United’s Data Silo does exactly that – making it simple for our shared customers to do more with their data while working with local collaborators.”

As part of this integration, corn growers will have new opportunities to leverage insights about their hybrids throughout the season. Once enabled by the grower, planting and hybrid information can be automatically transferred from FieldView into the Data Silo and cross-checked with data from the WinField United Answer Plot research program to determine that hybrid’s response-to-fungicide or response-to-nitrogen scores. Additionally, if during the season a farmer has disease or insect outbreaks, or if tissue samples in the region are trending behind on nitrogen, they can work with a WinField United retailer to remedy problems and optimize ROI potential.

All farmers who do business with a retailer that is affiliated with WinField United have access to the Data Silo. Farmers can find out more by consulting with their local WinField United retailer and by visiting

FieldView is the flagship product of The Climate Corporation, the digital farming arm of Bayer. First launched in the United States in 2015, FieldView gives farmers a deeper understanding of their fields so they can make more informed operating decisions to optimize yields, maximize efficiency and reduce risk. For more information, visit