WinField United To Move Its Cotton Seed To The Armor Brand


WinField United will add cotton to its Armor brand seed offerings for the 2021 growing season. Armor, a brand long known as a strong advocate for farmers in the Southern United States, will continue to build on its promise of delivering quality products, providing agronomic support and advocating for farmers as WinField United moves its proprietary cotton seed from CROPLAN to the Armor portfolio.

“Cotton has always been a personal, high-touch business,” said Kelly Phipps, seed marketing director for WinField United. “As a regional brand, Armor is well-positioned to offer personalized service to cotton growers, address the challenges they’re facing and help move the industry forward.” Phipps was a co-owner of Armor Seed prior to the company being acquired by WinField United in 2017.

WinField United will leverage its industry-leading agronomic research, product development capabilities and locally-owned and operated retailers to continue bringing profitability-focused solutions to cotton farmers through the Armor brand. The transition from CROPLAN cotton to the Armor brand will complement Armor’s soybean seed as well as CROPLAN’s corn seed, giving farmers in the region top-of-the-line products in each crop category to consider when making seed decisions this fall.

“We’re excited to bring farmers more options and expand the Armor portfolio where it is recognized and trusted,” said Jim Hedges, vice president of seed, WinField United. “This change for our proprietary cotton seed business enables us to place the full weight of the WinField United system behind our investment in the Armor brand through our history of innovation in product development as well as through our agronomic expertise and retail network.”

Farmers can find out more about Armor cotton seed by talking with their local Armor or WinField United retailer.