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In a preview of how artificial intelligence (A.I.) is modernizing agriculture, xarvio – The Digital Farming Company today released its xarvio scouting app for the Canadian market at Ag in Motion, the largest agricultural trade show in Western Canada, showcasing the latest technology in the industry. Featuring instant photo recognition, the scouting app allows growers to more efficiently identify and map weed and disease threats in their fields so they can better manage crop health. The app is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that continually improve precision and functionality through A.I. and data sharing.

“The unique crowd-sourcing feature on the xarvio scouting app will alert Canadian growers to potential disease threats before they reach their land,” said Warren Bills, Business Development Manager for xarvio. “Through an ever-growing database of weed and disease images, growers across Canada and around the globe can work together to crowd-source solutions to crop management challenges worldwide.”

Crop scouting is time-consuming and requires detailed knowledge. The scouting app removes these barriers, allowing more acres to be scouted by anyone with a smartphone and providing weed and disease information to growers collected in the nearby area.

Unlike other apps in the agriculture marketplace, the xarvio scouting app identifies threats through instant photo recognition, allowing growers to efficiently identify threats in their fields so they can better manage crop health in-season.

Now available in Canada, the scouting app was launched in Europe in November 2017 and is operational in 90 countries worldwide with over 58,000 users. The app has amassed a database of 150,000 weed and disease images and is on track to add an additional 100,000 images this year. Farmers and leading research partners across the globe – including three influential partners in Canada: University of Alberta, University of Saskatchewan, and the nonprofit organization, Farming Smarter in Alberta – contribute to this ever-growing image database.

“Our ambition is to help farmers grow healthy crops more efficiently and profitably with innovative technology – and create a more sustainable agriculture industry,” said Warren Bills.

To bring instant weed and disease identification to your crops today, download the app for free from the App Store and Google Play by searching “xarvio Scouting”.

For more information about xarvio – The Digital Farming Company and the scouting app, please visit www.xarvio.com.

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